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Online & Offline Masters Programs at Miami Hospitality Academy

At the Miami Hospitality Academy, our main priority is you. The student. As such, all of our programs are tailored towards the modern hospitality student. We do this by combining the convenience provided by modern learning techniques with the extensive skills and knowledge that have previously been passed on by more traditional hospitality schools.

At Miami Hospitality Academy you will be able to customise your learning path based on whether you would like to study on-campus or online, which subject matter you would like to specialise in, your choice of internship, your classification of degree and many more customisable options!

See our range of options below:

Duration- 4 Years
On Campus/Online

Our specialized Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Hotel Management will prepare graduates to have acquired the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to fully understand the hotel industry

Duration- 20 Months
On Campus/Online

MBA Hospitality Management & Innovation combines online courses, specialised on-campus classes, and practical experience within a renowned American hotel business.

Duration- 20 Months

Study and work at the same time with our online MBA in International Business. For hospitality professionals who have completed their Bachelors and wish to advance in their career.

Duration – 12 Months

We recognise that professionals may not want to invest so much time and money in a full-time program. This is why we have created a recognised certificate for industry professionals who are seeking career advancement and work experience in the US at an affordable price.

Hospitality Academy

Through over 20 years in the hospitality recruitment industry, our staff have in depth knowledge of the best ways of getting a job in hospitality. After your online course we will make sure to provide you with expert support with your job search, such as CV coaching, practice interviews, assistance with visa and much more!

Do you want to take your career abroad?


Through the Hospitality Academy, you will be able to get an accredited degree to the level that you wish, whether it is a bachelors or masters degree. This certification is recognised by the United States government and will open doors all across the world.

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American Education System

Profit from one of the best education systems in the world. With Miami Hospitality Academy, you will acquire the set of skills that it needs to be successful in your future career.

Flexible Learning Options

With our Online MBA, you are able to study WHENEVER and WHERE EVER you want! Create your own schedule according to your learning pace and study without being tied to a certain location. This course is designed to facilitate you with the flexibility you need to reach your career goals. We got you!

Extend your stay in the United States

Turn your educational experience into an enriching career within the USA by choosing Miami Hospitality Academy. We will help you fit your program around your life goals by extending your experience as needed.

Great Community

Once admitted into Miami Hospitality Academy, you will gain access to one of the largest networks of hospitality students and professionals. You will also have a permanent, exclusive invitation to any and all recruitment events that the school will hold.

Amazing Location in Miami

Discover our beautiful campus located in the most vibrant and trendy destination of the US.  Visited by a large number of people from all around the world each year, including many celebrities, Miami is THE PLACE TO BE. 

Our Partner Hotels

Miami Hospitality Academy is not simply a school, it will be the guide for your career for as long as you seek employment within the hospitality industry. We have partnered with numerous hotels across the US to offer our students the best experience once applying for their postgraduate position. Here are just a few examples:


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At Hospitality Academy, our overall goal is to link the hospitality industry into a community of mutual growth and understanding. We believe the first step to this goal is the spread of education and ideas. To this end, we host multiple events across the world aimed at networking aiding your career development and preparing you for your journey into the world of hospitality.
Do you want exclusive access to our recruitment and networking events? As a HA alumni, you will have an invitation to all of our future events as well as exclusive access to our Alumni portal.

What job can you
get with Miami Hospitality Academy? 

What does Miami Hospitality Academy provide that other hospitality education programs do not? Due to our extensive background in recruitment, we can offer you direct and accurate support with accelerating your career to the highest degree possible. Upon completion of your course, we will discuss your professional goals and find the perfect position for you to reach them. See below at some of the exciting opportunities Miami Hospitality Academy has to offer!



Florida Education




Hospitality Academy has partnerships with the most recognized schools and institutions to deliver the most affordable educational and professional service for those looking to continue growing anywhere in the world. 

More than a school,  It is your passport to the world of professional hospitality success!