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Our MBA in Hospitality Management offers the necessary competencies and skills to begin a career in the hospitality and tourism industry. We
aim to provide our students with a broad understanding of the management and operational aspects of today’s fast-paced industry.

As a student of the MBA in Hospitality Management degree, you will be able to complete your studies and work at the same time.

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환대 관리의 MBA  개요 


This specialised MBA in Hospitality Management degree is a 2-year course that combines fundamental online courses, specialised on-campus classes, and a professional experience with a Spanish hospitality business. This program fosters a strong foundation in Hotel Management, International Business and Entrepreneurship. Courses are balanced between academic theory and professional practice.

After successfully graduating, you will have the chance to apply for the residency visa and get a job in Spain.

입학 요건

● Accredited Bachelor’s degree
● At least 2 years of professional work experience in the hospitality industry.
● English level must be proficient enough for higher education studies. Official English language exam scores are required for all non-native speakers – or those who haven’t spent the last two years in full-time English education.

주요 정보



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