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  • In the ever-evolving world of Rooms Division Management, staying ahead means acquiring up-to-date knowledge, skills and behaviors. This course is devised so that you embody all these essentials and keep on growing after completion.
  • You will learn to confidently take advantage of an up-sell opportunity, have a detailed understanding of the steps of service and above all, gain a valuable insight into the world of Rooms Division Management.
  • Obtain knowledge on all quintessential matters such as health and safety procedures, key equipment, and cultural considerations.
  • Completing this course adds value to your personal development by being a certified qualification on your CV, an entrance ticket to an executive or managerial position, and a real proof of your dedication and motivation to becoming a leader!

This virtual rooms division management course offers detailed understanding on one of the hospitality industries’ most demanding and challenging departments and allows you to set up your journey to becoming a future Rooms Division Manager! Additionally, we continue to assist you throughout the duration of your online training, answering your questions in a timely manner and adapting your learning path to your individual needs.

Our promise to you: Completing this course will guarantee you a placement! This exceptional offer is ensured through our extensive experience and network in the hospitality recruitment industry.

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Receive help and coaching from our expert recruiters throughout your online education. Our team guarantees you opportunities in these leading brands:
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What do you learn in this course

As the Front Office, your responsibility is to be the face of your brand and lead by example. With health and safety this is no different and must be an example that your colleagues follow. In this module you will learn how to maintain the highest standards of health and safety.
To work within the most visible department of the hotel, the front office, you must be continuously familiar with the standards in which your employer sets itself. Through this module you will learn how to maintain the luxury standards expected by your employer.
As the “face” of the hotel, the front office has an innate responsibility to provide the best service possible- ensuring that the guest is able to enter the hotel with a smile on their face and leave wanting more. In this module you will learn the responsibilities expected of a Front office professional and how you can live up to this expectation.
In the hotel, communication is key, and there is nowhere that is more true than in the front office. Through this module you will learn how to liaise with your staff members, talk calmly and welcomingly with guests, solve problems and ensure guest satisfaction is at its peak
Reservations are a vital protocol for the front office, as it is an almost daily routine for the staff involved. In this module you will learn the basics of phone etiquette as well as sales techniques in order to enhance guest experience and accentuate hotel profit margins.
In the front office, your team will have some of the biggest impression on the overall guest experience, as you are responsible both for the first impression and the final impression that the guest has. In this module you will learn how exactly you can make both procedures as smooth and enjoyable as possible for the guest.
The concierge of a hotel is uniquely equipped with both the knowledge and responsibility to provide an unmatched, personalized guest experience. Through this module you will learn the basic responsibilities of a concierge and how you can hone your skills to live up the expectations of the role.
Upselling is important to both guest satisfaction and the profit margins of your property. At the Front Desk you need to possess both a complete understanding of the products your company offers you and excellent interpersonal skills in order to achieve this. Through this module you will learn how to acquire both and the role you will take in the grand scheme of the hotel.
In order to achieve the high room standards necessary for a luxury hotel to function, the housekeeping staff must be prepared for any eventuality. This module will teach you the basics of room preparation and how to live up to the high standards expected of you.
A spotless room is the foundation on which guest experience lies upon. In order for you to effectively live up to the standards expected by your guests you must ensure that every room is cleaned to the highest degree possible. This module will teach you exactly how to measure room cleanliness and how to reach the highest measurements.
Cleaning the bathroom is an essential aspect of cleaning the room as a whole, it is important that staff understand the importance of hygiene and cleanliness within the work they do in this area. In this module you will learn how exactly to clean the bathroom in order to ensure hygiene and guest satisfaction.
One of the most rewarding aspects of housekeeping is being able to look at the cleaned room and know you have done your job well and correctly. In this module you will learn how to put the finishing touches on your cleaning work and to scan the room correctly for any missed spots.
The purpose of room turndown is to ensure the room is replenished and ready for the next guest to enjoy. This module will teach you exactly what need to be done in order to make the room good as new and enhance your eye to maintain the standards.
While the majority of housekeeping work remains to be seen in guest rooms, public areas are also on the list of their responsibilities. Such areas often get much more traffic and are susceptible to becoming much messier. In this module you will learn how to adapt your cleaning approach to these areas.
At its simplest, leadership is the art of managing people and enabling them to become the best they can be. In this module you will learn how to maintain a happy team and recognize the potential of all of its members.
The very reputation of your brand depends on the way in which you provide service to your guests. In this module you will learn the basics of maintaining high service standards and leading your team to do the same.
Time is a resource that is unfortunately all too fleeting. As a manager it will be your responsibility to manage it effectively. In this module you will learn the principles of managing time and other important resources.
Through this module you will learn the building blocks of being an effective leader, from charisma to patience you will learn how to identify traits within yourself that will help you be the best leader of your team.

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Which job
can you get? 

Our Rooms Division Management course is designed for candidates wishing to pursue a managerial career in the Rooms Divisions department. Due to the fluid nature of the course, it is not required for you to have any prior experience or education in this field!
The Rooms Division department of a hotel is more than just the reception. It also includes back-of-house departments such as Housekeeping, Concierge, Guest Relations and Reservations. Therefore, it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the different departments and how they work as a whole.  So what kind of jobs are available to you after completing this course? Here are some examples:

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