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David Chang - Chef and Founder of Momofuku Group, CIA alumni and our partner since 2010.

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  • Designed by renowned industry leaders, this one-of-a-kind online culinary course covers the ins and outs of that are essential to work in fast-paced US kitchens.
  • This online culinary course focuses on teaching you the fundamentals to becoming a successful chef.
  • Gain valuable in-depth knowledge on food science and acquire technical skills that are nowadays required in contemporary kitchens.
  • Certified by the Culinary Institute of America (CIA), famous for having taught some of the most influential chefs in the industry.

This unique online culinary course is a perfect entry ticket that paves your path to success in this competitive industry. You will have access to a wealth of information that prepares you for the professional world and you will have the chance to develop yourself in a meaningful way.

Our promise to you: Completing this online culinary course will guarantee you a placement! This exceptional offer is ensured through our extensive experience and network in the hospitality recruitment industry.

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Receive help and coaching from our expert recruiters throughout your online education. Our team guarantees you opportunities in these leading brands:

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What do you learn in our Online Culinary Course?

The kitchen can be a dangerous place if you are not careful and you should try to keep the risk at a minimum. In this module you will learn the most common kitchen hazards and accidents that can occur and learn exactly how to prevent them.

Protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fats: these are the essential building blocks of a meal. In this module you will learn exactly how to balance these building blocks and create a perfectly balanced meal.

In order to perfectly combine your ingredients and flavour palettes together, you must first learn how to measure them. In this module you will learn how a chef typically uses measurements in their day to day life and how you can find the correct proportions for creating your meals

Culinary is an art but it also possesses an innate science behind it. This module will teach you how to harness the chemistry of cooking and learn the formula for flavour!

Without proper personnel organization, a kitchen can get disorganised easily. This module will teach you the basics behind the kitchen hierarchy and how each role fits into the greater mission so that daily operations can run smoothly.

It is impossible to maintain an effective and safe kitchen without correct knife skills. In this module you will learn how exactly one should handle a knife and all of the inherent techniques that go alongside cutting, chopping and slicing your ingredients.

From the seared meat and crispy fries of dry cooking to the poached eggs and braised meat of wet heat cooking. Every chef should be familiar with the various techniques used in the modern kitchen setting. This module will introduce and explain to you each technique.
The stock will be the base and unsung hero of any meal you create. This module will teach you the basics of how to create one and the mise en pace around it.

Sauce production is an important part of any kitchen. In this module you will learn how to create grand sauces, rauxs and mother sauces among others.

A well made soup can be the best demonstration of a chef’s skill and dexterity. This module will take learners through the theories behind soups as well as how to make the various components of the main kinds of soup available.
The egg is the staple that every pantry should be familiar with. Through this module you will learn how to give this essential ingredient the attention it deserves and learn CIA’s tried and true methods for creating the perfect breakfast eggs.

This module provides learners with the knowledge to properly identify, prepare and present commonly used vegetables in the kitchen.

Potatoes are a simple but incredibly versatile ingredient that can be found in any kitchen in the world. Through this module you will learn the tricks to produce the perfect potato and make it the star of any dish.

Pasta is a dish that is best made on site. That is why this course specializes in teaching you the fundamentals of creating and rolling pasta before imparting the knowledge of plating your pasta in the most attractive way.
As a common staple among many of the cuisines of the world, the humble grain can be used in numerous applications. Through this module you will learn how to master this staple for your own kitchen.
Legumes have been utilized in numerous kitchens across the world for hundreds of years due to their nutritional value. Through this module you will learn the basic principles of soaking, cooking and presenting this wonder ingredient in your dishes.
Rice is the oldest known food that is still widely consumed today. As such, this module will teach you the ins and outs of rice as well as some specific recipes that will ensure you never look at the ancient staple the same way ever again!

Each salad is unique, through its delicate mixture of greens, dressing and toppings. Through this module you will learn the qualities of a salad and how each can be individually tailored to fit the needs of your kitchen.

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Our Professional Culinary Certified Diploma is designed for candidates wishing to pursue a career as a chef or similarly culinary-centred job . Due to the fluid nature of this online culinary course, it is not required for you to have any prior experience or education in this field! So what kind of jobs are available to you after completing this course? Here are some examples:

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