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  • Developed in collaboration with the global authority on luxury hospitality, Forbes Travel Guide®, this course will make you understand the intricate system service standards that comprises the hospitality industry.
  • This course focuses on teaching you the fundamental insights into the luxury hospitality industry’s most crucial aspect for exceptional service: Guest experience.
  • Expand your understanding and appreciation of luxury hospitality by learning what it takes to ensure excellence at every level.
  • Certified by Forbes Travel Guide®, famous for pioneering the assessment of luxury hotel standards and awarding rankings on a 5star scale.

This unique course grants a specialized certification that enables you to achieve success in the luxury hospitality industry. You will have access to a wealth of information that prepares you for the professional world and you will have the chance to develop yourself in a meaningful way.

Our promise to you: Completing this luxury hospitality course will guarantee you a placement! This exceptional offer is ensured through our extensive experience and network in the hospitality recruitment industry.

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Receive help and coaching from our expert recruiters throughout your online education. Our team guarantees you opportunities in these leading brands:
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What do you learn in this course?

An all encompassing overview of the course itself, through this module you will learn what to expect throughout the entire course and what your learning outcomes will be. You will be introduced to the 9 foundation standards and the overall meaning of luxury.
The concierge plays a crucial role in shaping guest experience, from answering questions to making recommendations the role is essentially the “shoulder” in which guests lean on. Through this module you will learn what is expected of you as a concierge, how to maximise guest satisfaction and the greater context of your role in the hotel.

Through this module, you will learn the guest expectations when taking reservations. This module will ensure you learn about telephone etiquette and reservation standards.

A guest’s arrival is the precipice for setting up a luxury experience, it should set the tone for the entirety of the guest experience and is a crucial point in the hotel. This module will give you the building blocks for making this moment perfect.
In order to ensure that every guest leaves with a smile, it is important to provide a top-notch checkout experience. Throughout this module you will learn the standards of baggage handling and the importance of check out.
This course will teach you a guests expectation when entering their room as well as the ideal actions that housekeeping services should take.
Housekeeping is essential for maintaining ideal room standards for the entirety of the guest’s stay. This module will teach you the typical daily functions and responsibilities of housekeeping staff within the scope of a luxury hotel setting.
In order to exceed guest expectations, your team must have a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of how their actions will affect the guest experience as a whole. This module will teach you how turndown service affects the greater guest experience and how to standardize top notch turndown service within your housekeeping team.

Dining within a luxury hotel is not simply a meal, it is a luxury experience that begins at reservation and consists until the guest leaves the dining room. As such, this module will teach you how to enhance this in order to fulfil guest satisfaction and exceed expectations in every aspect of their dining experience.

Within the bar it is important that staff provide a service that is both consistent and pleasurable. Through this module you will learn the impotence of attention to detail and consistency in the greater context of the bar/lounge.
In this module, in-room dining will be explained in greater detail as well as the exact standards that guests tend to expect from such an experience.
In order to meet the higher ratings of Forbes Travel Guide, luxury must not stop at the hotel but also reach all of its surrounding amenities, this includes the casino. Through this module you will learn the importance of maintaining a clean, well timed casino environment when providing the hotel’s luxury experience.
The pool/beach is often one of the most important aspects of a guest experience, as such they should be treated with utmost respect and importance. Through this module you will learn the importance of cleanliness, pool safety and food and beverage services.

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Our online Ultimate Forbes Luxury Standards Guide is designed for candidates wishing to pursue any role in a luxury 5 star hotel .  Due to the fluid nature of the course, it is not required for you to have any prior experience or education in this field! So what kind of jobs are available to you after completing this course? Here are some examples:



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