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  • You consider yourself a people-person? You always help others and become the voice of reason? You like to coach your peers and assist them in improving themselves? Then this HR Certification is exactly what you need!
  • You will gain a deeper understanding of the Human Resources Department, which is arguably the most important department of any organization.
  • Attain the skills and knowledge you need to grasp the human component of business, and learn all about recruiting processes, learning and development, and becoming a leader.
  • Why should you be interviewed if you can interview people yourself? Start your HR career effectively with just a few lessons and become a successful HR manager in no time.

This recognized HR Certification provides invaluable understanding of the Human Resources department’s functions and the necessary responsibilities to lead it proficiently. Become the go-to-person of any business and shape the employees of tomorrow! Naturally, we support you throughout your online education and we will personalize your learning experience to your individual needs.
Our promise to you: Completing this course will guarantee you a placement!
This exceptional offer is ensured through our extensive experience and network in the hospitality recruitment industry.

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Receive help and coaching from our expert recruiters throughout your online education. Our team guarantees you opportunities in these leading brands:

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What do you learn in this HR Certification course?

HR is a hugely important partner to any manager. In this module you will learn how exactly the HR department will compliment your role as manager and how to use their assistance effectively when recruiting, onboarding and complying with company standards and regulations.
Recruitment of the correct candidate is a delicate art that must be treated with care and finesse. Through this module you will learn the correct thought process that should go into selecting the right candidate for the job while recognising your needs as a company and the merits presented by every individual candidate.
This module is designed to ease the burden of your hierarchical restructure. From understanding your newfound responsibilities to getting to grips with your personal stakeholders and newfound role in the company as a whole.
In your new role as a manager, you will often find communication to be much more important now than ever before. Through this module you will explore different methods of breaking barriers of communication as well as the overall techniques for ensuring your voice is heard by your team.
As a manager you will find yourself being faced with new, challenging problems and decisions that you had never considered before. In this module you will learn exactly how to effectively make these decisions and how to approach new and intimidating problems with professionalism.
A new and daunting task for many inexperienced managers is the act of delegating tasks to your team. In this module you will learn how exactly to balance the various tasks that your team will have among its respective members, while utilizing their strengths and mitigating their weaknesses as individuals.
Everyone needs a certain degree of motivation and assistance in their work sometimes. As a manager it will be your responsibility to be the source of this support. In this module you will learn how your comments as a manager affect your team, when you should provide feedback and how best to phrase it.
Conflict is an inevitable part of any workplace and as such requires a keen eye and swift hand to quell it. In this module you will learn exactly how to spot any issue that may arise and how to handle the issue effectively before it develops.
At its simplest, leadership is the art of managing people and enabling them to become the best they can be. In this module you will learn how to maintain a happy team and recognize the potential of all of its members.
The very reputation of your brand depends on the way in which you provide service to your guests. In this module you will learn the basics of maintaining high service standards and leading your team to do the same.
Time is a resource that is unfortunately all too fleeting. As a manager it will be your responsibility to manage it effectively. In this module you will learn the principles of managing time and other important resources.
Through this module you will learn the building blocks of being an effective leader, from charisma to patience you will learn how to identify traits within yourself that will help you be the best leader of your team.

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Our Hotel HR Certification is designed for candidates wishing to pursue a career in Human Resources of a hotel as well as for those with a keen interest in learning about the recruitment process in any company. Due to the fluid nature of the course, it is not required for you to have any prior experience or education in this field! 



Access to all classes 

(Certificate Included)



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