work and study in the USA

Work and Study in the United States: Curriculum Practical Training (CPT) Program

Have you considered studying in the United States, but hesitating because of tuition fees and the cost of living? It is true that most American colleges and universities have high tuition fees, especially for international students. Tuition fees increase steadily from year to year, not to mention the additional cost of books, health insurance, housing, etc.

J1 visa

J1 Visa Intern & Trainee Program – “Brand-New” Way into the USA via BridgeUSA

BridgeUSA provides a newly designed identity for the American Exchange Visitor Program. Programs such as the J1 visa Intern & Trainee and others are not being changed and requirements, processes and eligibility remains the same.
The new BridgeUSA includes the following exchange programs: Research Scholar, Short-Term Scholar, Professor, Intern, Trainee, College and University Student, Secondary School Student, Teacher, Specialist, Alien Physician, Camp Counselor, Au Pair and Summer Work Travel.