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Author:  Jarya Kotyleng



For most international students, this can be a barrier to study abroad as they need to be able to make financial plans or save money for several years to achieve their dream of travelling and living in the United States. Hence, this fact delays the realisation of this dream.



Wouldn't it be amazing to work while studying?


The good news is that you can work and study simultaneously in the United States through a Specialized Practical Training (CPT) program that gives students the unique opportunity to work from the moment they arrive in The USA. This program is commonly called “work-study,” and has a lot of advantages.  Let’s have a look a the most common advantage of the CPT program.


Generate income while you graduate

Working while studying can be a great money-making opportunity in the United States, and international students can expect to earn at least minimum wage. If that’s not enough to fund all of your education, it can definitely help offset the cost.


Before participating in a work-Study program, it is important to make sure that you understand your course requirements and that you are managing your schedule. In addition to providing you with additional money and experience on your resume, work-study programs give you the opportunity to practice English in a professional environment, which helps you prepare for work after graduation. 



What is the CPT?

Work-Study Curriculum Training Practical

The CPT gives international students the opportunity to acquire professional training and work in paid internships. Students have the opportunity to work full or part-time, earn a salary and enrich their CV by gaining work experience in their area of interest.

CPT’s work-study programs provide students with the necessary support to obtain a paid position in their field of study during their first year of university, provided that the university makes employment a compulsory study program.

If students meet the above conditions, they can arrive and start working during their first semester. Otherwise, students will have to wait until the end of their first year to start working.

Remember that your CPT must be professional training required for graduation. The CPT is not compulsory for all degree programs but is often found in practical courses such as Tourism, Hospitality and Business where students can learn to apply their studies in the workplace.


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