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Miami is a city that never sleeps and after spending a little time there, you won’t want to either! As one of the major hubs for tourism in the USA (both domestically and internationally) Miami has some of the best sights to see, things to do and food to eat that can be found in the USA as whole!

Unfortunately, because of quarantine restrictions, many of us can’t physically go to Miami (at least not yet!) so in this article, I am going to give you the next best thing! Let’s go on a virtual tour of some of the very best attractions that Miami has to offer, starting with…

10. Little Havannah

Kicking off with my personal favourite district of Miami: Little Havannah. As Miami is so close to Cuba that you can practically hear the salsa music from the beach, the city has predictably adopted a lot of their neighbour’s culture throughout its districts. While this is fairly widespread throughout Miami, no neighborhood more so than Little Havannah.
Walking through the streets of Little Havannah is like crossing the borders into an entirely new country, as the sounds, sights and smells change dramatically before you. Anyone visiting Miami should take the opportunity to lose themselves in this Latin enclave by sampling some of the local food and drink or clubs

9. Everglades

Miami is the only city in the USA to be situated between 2 major national parks. As such, anyone wanting to experience Miami to its fullest should have at least one on their to-do list, let’s start with the Everglades…

Nothing is more synonymous with Floridian wildlife than the Everglades National Park. Stretching over 1.5 million acres in size, the Everglades is a marshy environment hosting an ecosystem almost unimaginable in size and variety.

For those wanting to explore the Everglades there are a number of options available from simply hiking, all the way to an airboat adventure! The choice is yours depending on what pace you want to see these sights, just watch out for ‘gators!

8. Biscayne National Park

If sailing the swamps isn’t really your thing, why not try a more immersive way of exploring a national park by jumping into the Bay of Biscayne? The Bay of Biscayne is a protected marine area hosted off the coast of the city of Miami.

With crystal-clear tropical water, flourishing fish and wildlife populations and numerous water activity options, the Bay of Biscay is the perfect place to see the martine life of Florida.

7. Vizcaya

For those of you who are wanting to soak up the creative culture of Miami, Vizcaya could be high on your list of things to do! Residing in the scenic, tranquil neighborhood of Coconut Grove, Vizcaya museum hosts a number of beautiful, one of a kind European art pieces for you to browse through.

Aside from its exhibits, Vizcaya has a gorgeous exterior made up of artistically sculpted walls and cleverly planted gardens that make for a picture-perfect scene!

6. Wynwood walls

Now, there may be some of you who got excited when I said the words “creative culture” but dropped off around the same time as the word “museum” popped up. Not to worry! I know that museums aren’t for everyone which is why I would like to introduce you to a very different but equally impressive side to Miami’s creative scene: Wynwood Walls

Miami is home to some of the most creative and awe inspiring street artists in the USA, with many of the buildings of the city acting as a living tapestry to artists across the city, no place represents this better than the walls of Wynwood park.

Taking a stroll through Wynwood park is like attending a free, constantly changing art exhibition and acts as a roadmap to the artistic heart and soul of the city itself.

5. Soundscape park

Post-Covid, many of the public events that cities have come to enjoy have sadly disappeared, sometimes temporarily, sometimes for good. Fortunately, in Miami, Soundscape park is the site of where many of these events have rekindled.

From movie screenings to fully blown symphony orchestras, Soundscape Park hosts a number of free, public events to entertain residents and visitors to the city of Miami. When you visit, make sure to bring a blanket and enjoy the gentle evening sea breeze while you enjoy an outdoor show!

4. Catch a ballgame

Another spectacle that has seemingly disappeared from many cities across the world is sporting events. With larger crowds being discouraged or outright banned in many cities, it can be hard to see how someone could attend a classic American game of football or baseball in 2021.

Fortunately, Miami is beginning to return to normal in this sense, as of March 2021 the city of Miami is allowing for sports events to resume in a “reduced capacity” So you will have the opportunity to experience this one of a kind American past time!

2. Española Way

Little Havannah is not the only place that one can travel to an entirely different environment without ever leaving the confines of the city…

Española Way is a trip back to the renaissance of Western Europe. With its chalky pink stucco buildings and European tiled roofs, strolling down Española Way will give you the feeling of stepping into a new world! While soaking up the atmosphere of the neighbourhood, make sure to stop in one of the charming little cafes or bars in the area, you wont be dissapointed!

1. South Beach

Finally we have the very place that embodies Miami like no other. South Beach is perhaps one of the most iconic and symbolic sights in the whole of the city. Here is where all of the sights and sounds of the city combine to make a beautiful, chaotic and idyllic atmosphere with the crystal blue sea and white sandy beach as a scenic backdrop.

When travelling to South Beach your options for entertainment are endless, from the water and beach sports that the beach is known for, to a more relaxed day of sunbathing and people-watching, one thing’s for sure: you will never get bored on the South Beach!

Enjoying the virtual tour? Well soon enough you can see these places for yourself! And what better way to explore a city than to study and work there at the same time? Through a program with Miami Hospitality Academy, you can spend your time exploring these incredible sights, all while earning money and gaining an accredited education. Enroll today!

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