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Authors: Chris Robinson & Jarya Kotyleng



People have written songs about it, saved up for it, and returned to it over and over. The city of New York is one of the most famous in the world and for good reason.


Getting an Internship in New York


Tourism has always been an economic source of prosperity for New York City. Statistics show that in 2019, the city recorded a total number of 66.6 million visitors who spent more than $ 47.4 billion on hotels, restaurants, shops and cultural institutions in the five boroughs.

After all, it is where several famous attractions are located. If you hope to do your U.S. internship in New York or one of its surrounding cities, then you must make the most of your experience by visiting its most iconic sights and landmarks (and we’re not just talking about the Statue of Liberty).

On the island of Manhattan alone, you can already see quite a lot. Explore Times Square and Central Park for a leisurely tour. If you wish, you may also get an impressive view of the city by going all the way up to Empire State Building. For a dose of art and culture, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is the place for you. It boasts of a formidable of classic and contemporary works, and no museum tour is complete without a visit to this famous location.

hotel jobs in New York

Another thing that you simply must do while you are in New York is to stand outside the Rockefeller Center in the morning. Make sure you place yourself right outside the windows of the Today studio, though, so that your family and friends can spot you as they watch the show. If you prefer not to make a public appearance of that sort, then you can just go up and enjoy the view from the Top of the Rock Observation Deck.


For a fun and relaxing night out, why don’t you spend some time with your friends in Harlem? This neighborhood is known to have nurtured multiple famous people including Sarah Jessica Parker,  Michael Jordan, Emma Roberts, former President Donald Trump, and many more. This is the place to check out if you want to treat yourself to some jazz music and an excellent dining experience, as well.

You can explore the possibilities of living in New York by enrolling in one of our courses today and you can be placed in internship programs in New York or anywhere in the US for that matter! Living while taking your career to the next level could be a dream come true very soon!


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