Hospitality 아카데미

Who has ever been invited and arrived with an empty stomach, only to hear that the food will take 30 minutes longer than planned? This would have been the perfect chance to serve some wonderful appetizers to keep the guests satisfied until the main dish. We want to make sure that you always have the perfect recipe on hand to make some delicious appetizers for your guests. 

perfect to get your stomach into the mood...

전체 : 35 분 Ι 활동 : 20 분

  • 비건
  • 글루텐 프리

Active: 10 mins

  • 글루텐 프리
Pork Crostini

활동 : 45 분

Pretzel Dumplings

활동 : 30 분

Feta and Ham Sticks

Total: 20 mins Ι Active: 10 mins

Cucumber Sushi

활동 : 45 분