work and study in the USA

Work and Study in the United States: Curriculum Practical Training (CPT) Program

Have you considered studying in the United States, but hesitating because of tuition fees and the cost of living? It is true that most American colleges and universities have high tuition fees, especially for international students. Tuition fees increase steadily from year to year, not to mention the additional cost of books, health insurance, housing, etc.

C1/D Visa USA

C1/D Visa USA What is the C1/D Visa? The C1/D is a U.S. nonimmigrant visa type intended for international crewmembers of international commercial cruise ships or airlines. The purpose of this visa is to allow crewmembers to travel through the USA for short periods of time, as part of their occupation.  This visa type does …

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OPT Visa USA What is the OPT Visa? If you are an F-1 visa holder or applicant and wish to complete practical training in the United States in a field relevant to your studies, you will need to apply for an OPT employment authorization. The OPT provides an F-1 visa holder temporary employment authorization in the …

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