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South Africa is a country that is well known for its beauty: from it’s exotic wildlife and sprawling grasslands to it’s lively and colourful cities. South Africa has everything that a keen traveller could possibly want, however there is one aspect of the country that is better than all others: its beaches!

Beaches in South Africa are world famous for their beauty, wildlife and legendary surfing conditions! While not as well known as some of those in Spain or Florida, beaches in South Africa are in a class of their own when it comes to the more adventurous travellers.

In this article, we are going to go through some of the best beaches that South Africa has to offer so that you have something to day dream about until travel restrictions are lifted!

1: Camps Bay, Cape Town

Starting off with one of the most famous on this list, Camps Bay is the jewel of the city of Cape Town. Since the birth of the city, the beach has been popular with the youth of the city. The bright white, powder soft sand coupled with the tumbling, turquoise waves make it the perfect place for casual swimmers and surfers alike.
Camps Bay

2: Dolphin Beach

Perhaps the most descriptively named beach on this list: Dolphin Beach, in Jeffery’s Bay, is a beach that is characterized by its relaxed atmosphere and frequent waves throughout the crystal clear waters. These conditions are perfect for surfers but also attract large numbers of dolphins, which can be spotted playing in the waves all year round!
dolphin beach

3. Langebaan Beach

Langebaan beach holds all of the benefits that most South African beaches hold: sugar soft sand, turquoise blue water and an abundance of wildlife. But its most unique selling point are the significant crosswinds that characterize the beach. These crosswinds make the destination perfect for the watersports enthusiasts who make it their training ground of choice.

4. Umhlanga Rocks

Named after the striking cliffside that faces the beach itself. Visitors to Umhlanga rocks can expect a calm, relaxing stay alongside beautiful geological formations on the cliffside. For those who want to add a little more excitement to their beach trip, the nearby Kosi Bay is frequented by Bull Sharks, which can make for an interesting cage diving experience for those brave enough!
umhlanga rocks

5. Hobie Beach

Nestled within the bustling hub of Port Elizabeth, Hobie Beach is the perfect compromise for beach-goers looking for a beautiful, unspoiled paradise without giving up the fun of the city. Hobie Beach contains a huge stretch of white sandy beach alongside temperate, calm water that makes it a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike. The beach spans next to the bustling shark rock pier that gives even more entertainment to visitors. Lastly, the beach hosts a number of rockpools that function as mini, natural aquariums for anyone interested in seeing smaller ocean life up close and in the wild.

hobie beach
These are just some of our favourite picks for South Africa’s best beaches but the country is a treasure chest full of natural beauty just waiting for you to explore.

When travel restrictions are relaxed, most of us are going to be in dire need of a vacation, for those of you looking for the perfect beach holiday, look no further than South Africa!

If you are looking at exploring these beaches while boosting your cv, why not apply for a hospitality course through Hospitality Academy’s Africa Hotel School, you can gain all of your necessary qualifications while spending time in one of the most beautiful countries in the world!

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