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Visa de inmigración para EE. UU.: Cómo obtener una

Do you want to work in the USA? You’re not alone, in fact the USA has historically attracted more immigrants than any other country in the world. Part of this is due to the concept of the “American Dream”- the idea that any person can move into the American work environment from the very bottom and rise to the top position of their job.

For many, this dream is extremely attractive as the USA provides some of the highest paid and prestigious jobs in the world. This is especially true for anyone wanting to get into hospitality, as the USA is home to some of the best hotels and restaurants in the world.

While this “dream” is still achievable in the USA, it has unfortunately gotten much more difficult to achieve. As more and more people have travelled to the USA, the restrictions surrounding long term visas have only grown more extensive. As the years have gone by, the American Dream has become further and further from the reality for many.

Fortunately, there are still routes for professionals wanting to move their career to the rich shores of the USA. While the most obvious routes may include the h1b visa, green cards or citizenship- for most these visas are difficult, if not impossible to apply for without the right resources.

So, do you want to apply for the immigration visa for the USA? Fortunately, there are various options that can help increase your chances of getting a long term working visa for the USA, in this article, I’m going to go through a couple of them with you and explain how companies like Academia de hospitalidad y Colocación internacional can help you with this.

The F1 visa

What is the F1 visa ?

The F1 visa is a visa classification that allows international students to travel to the USA to study a full-time degree at an institution that is authorized by the US government to accept international students.

What do you need to obtain an F1 visa?

Requirements can vary depending on the embassy the student is applying from, but the general requirements for the visa are as follows:

  • Be enrolled in an “academic” educational program, with a school approved by the US government.
  • Enrolled as a full-time student at the institution.
  • Proficiency in English or be enrolled in courses leading to English proficiency.
  • Possess sufficient funds for self-support throughout the entire proposed duration of study.
  • Maintain a residence in your home country (or place of permanent residence) Which you have no intention of giving up.

What does the F1 let you do?

First and foremost, the F1 visa allows you to travel to the USA and reside there throughout the duration of your educational program.

The F1 visa also allows you to engage in what is known as an CPT (Curricular Practical Training) and/or an OPT (Optional Practical Training). These are officially defined as temporary employment that is directly related to the applicant’s field of study and can be done during your studies or after your studies (respectively)

In Hospitality Academy’s program, this allows you to take part in a year of paid hospitality work in the USA during your studies and an additional year of paid work in the USA after your studies have finished.

How can the F1 visa assist you stay in the USA?

Studying in the USA can be an extremely beneficial experience for any student wanting to study hospitality. As the USA has such a high standard of teaching and top of the range institutions, students will have the best resources available to complete their studies.

More importantly, studying in the USA gives candidates a huge advantage when applying to longer term visas. Often, embassies will take into account the applicant’s ability to adapt in the US workplace and benefit their industry, and a hospitality MBA from the USA is a great way to demonstrate that.

In fact, an American MBA makes such a difference to a candidate’s application that the Department of State specifically allocates 20,000 H1B visas to holders of an American MBA- this significantly pushes up the acceptance rate for anyone with an American MBA.

Lastly, as the USA is home to some of the best restaurants and hotels in the world (many of which are partnered with Miami Hospitality Academy) , training in such a property is a great opportunity to boost your CV and the relationships you forge with such properties can help you in getting a position in the USA after graduation.

The J1 visa

What is it?

The J1 visa is a temporary cultural exchange visa, that allows the holder to stay in the USA for up to 18 months to complete a training program in a workplace related to their field of study or previous experience.

The J1 training program must also be covered by a stipend from the training property that, at the very least, matches the minimum wage of the state in which the training is taking place.

What do you need to obtain it?

The classification of the J1 visa is split into two categories. The only difference between these categories are the requirements, which are:


  • High level of English.
  • 18+ years old.
  • Sufficient ties to the applicant’s home country or place of residence.


  • Must be currently studying or have graduated within 1 year of the program start date from a degree in hospitality/culinary arts from higher education outside of the USA.


  • 5+ years of relevant experience.
  • 1 year of experience and a degree in hospitality/culinary arts.

What does it let you do?

The J1 visa essentially allows you to work in the USA for a temporary, predetermined period. During this program you may leave the country if the need arises however you cannot halt your training for more than 30 days in one time.

How can the J1 visa assist you stay in the USA?

The stated aim of the J1 visa is to allow international workers the chance to benefit and learn from the vibrant and growing hospitality industry and service culture in the USA , to bring it back to their own country.

As such the J1 visa is perfect for candidates wanting to learn more in their chosen industry and gain valuable experience towards applying for jobs outside of their home country.

In addition, the J1 visa allows you to forge a relationship with a US host employer. As most longer term visas require you to have sponsorship from a US company, this relationship could be what starts your life in the US.

The best way to get as much face time with your future employer as possible is to do a second J1 after the first (allowing for a total of 24 months of paid hospitality work) We recommend our partner, Placement International, for assistance with this- as they are the only company that currently offers a double J 1 program.

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