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Hotels Are Working Hard To Achieve Forbes Travel Guide Luxury Standards

As we discussed last time, Forbes Travel Guide has progressed through its long and regal history into becoming the most outspoken and respected voice in the hospitality industry. From its inception, readers have been enamoured with the simple star system used by the guide and the rigorous standards and testing that comprise a rating from Forbes Travel Guide. Because of its esteemed reputation, the ratings are universally respected and observed, as a result the highest rating of 5 stars is considered to be a coveted status for hotels to obtain. Today I will be walking you through some more  hotels that have received this rating and what they did to do so. 

1. Eau Palm Beach Resort And Spa

The Eau Palm Beach Resort And Spa is a resort nestled into prime beachfront space  in the Palm Beach, Florida area. The style of the resort is that of a mediterranean paradise, with its elaborate mosaics, red tile furnishing and wrought iron features, guests are able to imagine themselves in ancient Rome or Greece. Eau Palm beach prides itself on being able to cater the needs of whatever class of guest that walks through its doors. Couples will be able to enjoy the romantic sunset on the beachfront, families with children will be able to take advantage of the AquaNuts Kids Club and Coast Teen Club and business travelers can utilize the in room Wifi, coffee/tea machines and 24 hour business lounge. For all travelers there is something for everyone, Forbes Travel Guide specifically pointed to the following as their highlights:

  • The stunning views of the Atlantic ocean from the property are complimented, not overshadowed, by the resort’s cool and calming decor.
  • The location is a perfect in between of the sleepy coastal environment and the sprawling excitement of Palm Beach lifestyle
  • The 309 rooms available at the resort are all generously furnished and designed to pamper guests throughout their stay.

Overall the Eau Palm beach has opted to paint their hospitality picture with broad strokes rather than aim for a specific niche of an audience. As a result the hotel is able to cater to any number of specific guests needs. For prospecting hoteliers this allows for a wide variety of training scenarios and will allow them to flourish within various environments later on. This hotel is living up to the outstanding standards of luxury determined by Forbes Travel Guide.

2. The Inn at Little Washington

Does anyone remember the song “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver? Well, after he compares West Virginia to heaven, his next words are “ Blue Ridge Mountains”, in the foothills of said mountains is The Inn at Little Washington. Mr Denver was not wrong with his comparison, this little slice of heaven in West Virginia provides beautiful sights and scenery for any guest wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of their daily life. Aside from it’s beautiful location, the hotel itself has maintained a quaint and rustic atmosphere, being situated in a town founded in 1769! When visiting, the Forbes Travel Guide staff pointed out the following as key features of the hotel’s luxury:

  • The restaurant at the property has been considered to be so impressive that Forbes Travel Guide holds a separate page to give it the distinction it deserves. The head chef Patrick O’Connell, has been called “the pope” of American cuisine and his dishes served at the restaurant are long, decadent experiences, to be enjoyed over the course of a lengthy sitting
  • The small number of rooms (18 to be exact) means that each one has been given a level of care and attention to detail not given in larger hotels. No two rooms are the same and guests are expected to fall in love with every one of them.
  • The unique selling point of the hotel itself is the beauty and remoteness of the location, which is bound to leave any guest spellbound.

With its quiet sleepy atmosphere, the Inn at Little Washington is ideal for couples looking for their next romantic getaway or for solo travellers wanting to get away from their stressful work life and unwind. The hotel also provides a unique and valuable experience for culinary students, as the small kitchen and prestigious head chef of the restaurant mean that students will be able to train under more direct supervision from a leader in their industry. The hotels definitely complies with the Forbes Travel Guide luxury standards.

3. The Ritz Carlton Halfmoon Bay

It’s hard to think about the luxury hospitality industry without thinking of Ritz Carlton For over 100 years, the brand has operated first in Europe, then the USA and now globally. While the Ritz Carlton has branched out across the globe, their most luxurious hotels are arguably concentrated in the USA. One of such properties is the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay in California.  

The hotel is situated on a picturesque bluff facing the Pacific Ocean, the views atop this bluff are stunning and almost every part of the hotel is shaped to highlight this atmosphere. From the calming marine grey decor, the nautically themed photos right down to the sustainably sourced seafood menu at the restaurant- The Ritz Carlton Halfmoon Bay embraces its location like few others have. Aside from its marine theming, Forbes Travel Guide highlighted the following points: 

  • 2 complete and extraordinary golf courses, designed with classic Scottish links while taking in mind the property’s unique coastal theme.
  • A top of the range spa kitted with multiple treatments that combine modern techniques with natural floral charm
  • The fifth floor lounge area is a scenic and elegant lounge, complete with games, books and a coastal view that makes it a perfect location to catch the sun setting over the ocean.

Overall the Ritz Carlton Halfmoon Bay is the perfect location for those wanting to see the quieter side of California and relax in front of one of the most beautiful seascapes in the world. For hoteliers, the Ritz Carlton has built itself into an instantly recognizable and expert hospitality brand. Those who train in a Ritz Carlton property will be able to take advantage of both their knowledge and prestige when looking for a job afterwards.

In conclusion, each of the aforementioned hotels brings something unique to the table that complies with Forbes Travel Guide luxury standards. Whether it’s Eau Palm Beach’s Mediterranean charm, The Inn at Little Washington’s quaint remote atmosphere or the Ritz Carlton’s prestigious grandeur, each hotel of this calibre owns their own unique signature quality. 

However, in order to be one of the truly great hotels and earn their 5 stars from Forbes, they must adhere to the standards set forth by the Forbes Travel Guide. Therefore it is important that no matter where you work, you adequately understand how luxury standards in the hospitality industry function.

Pretty impressive hotels right? Well you could be part of them! All of the aforementioned hotels have links with Hospitality Academy’s partners  and are looking for candidates who can adhere to their luxury standards. If you want to make sure you are one of these lucky few, simply email us at and we can instruct you on how to include Forbes Travel Guide standards into your workplace.  

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