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Forbes Travel Guide - Improving Luxury Standards

As we have mentioned previously, the Forbes Travel Guide has progressed through its impressive and lengthy history to become the ultimate authority on luxury standards within the hospitality industry. Every year the publication shares its list of reviewed hotels to give their readers their unique insight into the world of hospitality. 

Every year a few of these hotels are selected to be raised above others and earn the highly coveted 5 star rating from Forbes Travel Guide. It is these hotels that have proven that they have delivered the utmost of quality service and unparalleled dedication to luxury. Today I will be bringing to you a small selection of these prestigious hotels and a little advice on how to start your career with them!

1. Four Seasons Resort Lanai

Four Seasons is a hotel brand based on the ideals of continued innovation and dedication to perfect service. Initially founded as a small rest stop to provide an intimate, comforting experience to weary motorists, the brand has expanded world wide- but never dropped its roots of providing individualist service.

With these ideals the Four Seasons created its paradise resort in Lanai, Hawaii.  Lanai is an island off the coast of Hawaii that has a tourism sector owned exclusively by the hotel chain. As a result the hotel has developed a considerable amount of activities and amenities within the island to cater to their guests. These include:

  • An incredible 18 hole golf course with “spellbinding” views of the nearby lava rock formations that the island is particularly famous for. 
  • A marine wildlife sanctuary neighbouring the island, which guests have the opportunity to explore with snorkeling equipment rented from the hotel.
  • A fully equipped stable for guests to explore the island via horseback
  • ATV’s, cars, bicycles and even helicopters available for guests wanting a more modern exploring experience
  • A world class spa with numerous beach/sea themed treatments for those wanting to pamper themselves.

The Four Season Lanai Resort is perfect for guests wanting to unwind and relax on the sleepy tropical paradise that is Lanai Island. For hoteliers, the resort is a perfect place to learn the legendary skills and techniques of Four Seasons passed on from decades of experience. It is also ideal for anyone wanting experience within the increasingly popular island resort style hotel. This property is definitely living up to the luxury standards of Forbes Travel Guide.

2. Faena Hotel Miami Beach

By the standards of luxury hotel chains,  Faena is a relatively small and young hotel group, having opened in 2015 and consisting of 3 properties. However, what it lacks in experience, it more than makes up for in prestige and reputation, at the center of which is its flagship hotel:  Faena Hotel Miami Beach 

When Faena Miami Beach opened, the founding principle behind it was to provide both the guests and the surrounding community a cultural focal point which they can experience and enjoy. In fact, as we previously mentioned, the Faena was built on the site of the Saxony hotel, which, in its prime, hosted the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra.
Aside from the history of the location itself, Faena’s decor was designed intricately by many talented designers and held under the creative scrutiny of hollywood film-maker Baz Luhrmann and his Academy Award-winning designer wife Catherine Martin. When reviewing the hotel, Forbes staff pointed out the following as being of spectacular quality: 

  • The intricately designed and impressively collected/constructed artwork of the hotel, including its very own welcoming spectacle of a lobby “the cathedral” (named for its grandiose pillars from its original Saxony design) as well as the crowning jewel of the hotel’s vast art collection: a 10 ft tall woolly mammoth skeleton encased in gold.
  • The exhaustive service provided by the staff both at the hotel poolside and the very own private beach of the hotel: Playa Faena
  • The 22,000 square foot South American style spa, Tierra Santa Healing House complete with all the amenities one could hope for.

Faena is the perfect hotel for guests wanting to soak in the cultural atmosphere of the USA without ever even leaving the lobby.  Faena is also  a great location for any aspiring hotelier who enjoys the finer things in life and would like to immerse this appreciation into their career. For these reasons the hotel has been living up to the Forbes Travel Guide luxury standards and is continuing to do so.

3. Meadowood Napa Valley

The Meadowood Napa Valley is the perfect mix of welcoming rustic charm and high class luxury standards. Nestled in the heart of wine country in the USA, the hotel’s location boasts both stunning natural beauty as well as a rich selection of locally sourced new-age wines.

Those who pass through the doors of the Meadowood are delighted by the property’s commitment to making their journey special, whether it is down to the handwritten note from the director of the hotel given to guests, the knowledgeable suggestions made by the restaurant’s staff or the friendly conversation made by the front office staff. Everyone is made to feel like home at Meadowood, here are just some of the few aspects that were highlighted by Forbes Travel Guide: 

  • The Restaurant at Meadowood, has been given 3 Michelin stars and has been praised for its take on American Haute cuisine (a fine dining cooking style popularized by French chefs and now very popular in American high-end cuisine). At the forefront of this restaurant is Chris Kostow, a champion in modern American cuisine.
  • Due to its location, Meadowood has committed itself fully into providing the best wine selection imaginable that far surpasses even it’s regional competitors.
  • The breathtaking sights of the hotel’s location coupled with the decor and style of the property’s exterior make for an exquisite experience for those wanting to venture the great outdoors.

Overall, the Meadowood is ideal for guests who would like to sample the charm of traditional American rustic accommodation without sacrificing the creature comforts of luxury hospitality. For aspiring hoteliers, the Meadowood has something for everyone, whether it is luxury cuisine, classic American scenery or world class hospitality training, you will find it all when working at the Meadowood.

Last but not least…

To sum up, all of the hotels we have looked at today approach luxury hospitality in their own way. Whether it is the cultural magnificence of Faena, the humble charm of Meadowood or the exotic vibrance of Four Season Lanai, excellence comes in many different forms.

However, while each hotel has its own individual approach, there are a large set of standards that hotels must adhere to in order to receive their coveted 5 star rating.  It is within these standards that the key to luxury excellence lies and once you understand them you will be able to bring them to your workplace.

Pretty impressive hotels right? Well you could be part of them! All of the aforementioned hotels have links with Hospitality Academy’s partners  and are looking for candidates who can adhere to their luxury standards. If you want to make sure you are one of these lucky few, simply email us at and we can instruct you on how to include Forbes Travel Guide standards into your workplace.

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