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Sustainability in hospitality has been gaining serious traction in recent years. As guests are becoming more conscious about how their trip could potentially affect their host country’s environment, businesses have to adapt accordingly. While this is a trend that can now be considered “world-wide” there are some locations that have gone and beyond in this endeavor and today we’ll be talking about one of them: Barcelona

Barcelona - World Capital of Sustainable Food 2021

One of the major takeaways from the Milan Expo 2015 was The Milan Urban Food Policy Pact.

los Milan Urban Food Policy Pact is an international agreement between the Mayors of various cities. It is more than just a declaration, it is an action plan for cities. It is composed of a preliminary brief and its structure includes 37 recommended actions, divided in 6 categories. For each recommended action they provide specific indicators to monitor progresses in the implementation of the Pact. The Milan Pact Awards offer concrete examples of the food policies that cities are implementing in each of the 6 Pact categories.

los MUFPP aims:

1. to reduce non-communicable diseases caused due to poor diets
2. to establish sustainable dietary guidelines for the urban population
3. to derive regulatory and voluntary instruments to promote sustainable diets in urban facilities
4. to achieve universal access to safe drinking water in all areas
5. to reduce food waste, as well as manage it in a more sustainable way

Barcelona is chosen as the World Capital of Sustainable Food for the year 2021.

Therefore in a year we will see the implementation of more than 90 projects and policies which promote sustainable food.

Throughout 2021, and besides providing the setting to the Milan Pact’s global summit of cities:

Barcelona will host and provide support to a series of events and initiatives, both in the city and in the metropolitan area, with sustainable, fair-trade and healthy food as their priority.

The city will implement food policies and carry out projects to position the Barcelona metropolis as a benchmark in this field.

The city will be constructing a 10 year food-policy strategy lasting until 2030.

We believe that such an initiative will create immense awareness as well as employment opportunities this year. As the city is recovering from the pandemic, their aim is to ensure the recovery of the hospitality sector and we’re expecting numerous students to arrive by this summer to pursue their internships in the hospitality industry in Barcelona.

The events hosted by MUFPP in Barcelona seem to be the perfect learning opportunity for the coming generation to seek information regarding sustainability in the hospitality industry which has always been a major problem. The market trend for most upcoming ventures in hospitality now is to be sustainable, and it is the absolute right thing to do. These events can also provide you with a network of potential employers/employees as well as create a lot of hospitality jobs during the event itself.

Academia de hospitalidad presents to you the opportunity to come to Barcelona and pursue a career in the hospitality industry. We provide you with globally accredited courses and the opportunity to work in the finest hotels & restaurants in the world.

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