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Event management

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  • Become familiar with the essentials of Event Management and the roles and responsibilities of the event manager during the four phases of an event.
  • This event management course is designed to teach you all the relevant skills to successfully organize and supervise any kind of event.
  • You will get to understand the exceptionally exciting sector of hospitality events and all that comes with it.
  • Start your event management career with the proper groundwork laid out for you by completing this course and gaining an invaluable advantage on the job market.

This virtual event management course offers a comprehensive insight into one of the hospitality industries’ most flexible and challenging sectors and allows you to start your journey to becoming a future Event Manager! Moreover, we continuously assist you throughout the duration of your online training, answering your questions directly and adjusting your learning path to your individual needs.

Our promise to you: Completing this course will guarantee you a placement! This exceptional offer is ensured through our extensive experience and network in the hospitality recruitment industry.

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What do you learn in this Events Management Course

In order to ensure that your dining event runs smoothly you need to determine the timing in which your staff will function. In this module you will learn how to turn your team into a well oiled machine and throw the perfect banquet from its very foundations.
The setting of the table at a banquet sets the tone for the entirety of the event, from the very moment guests walk in, the first aspect they will notice is the setting of the table. In this module you will earn the importance of table setting and how best to complete it.
There is a lot of thought and preparation that goes into setting up a buffet, from accessibility to presentability to overall headcount. One must be wary not to overlook any detail when planning a buffet. This module will teach you the essentials of throwing a buffet and how best to present it.
Your style of buffet will depend very much on how you wish to present the cuisine as a whole and how your dining room is equipped to deal with your number of guests. In this module you will learn how to adapt to the various factors involved with buffet design and how to change your style accordingly.
Creating the setting for a meeting room can be both chaotic and occasionally hazardous, due to the numerous heavy equipment involved. This module will teach you the basics of correct equipment use and how to maintain a safe and effective work environment when setting up your event.
Different meeting classifications require different set ups, it is your job as an event planner to distinguish the equipment and setup of the meeting room based on the requirements of the occupants. In this module you will learn how best to identify guest needs and setup the meeting room accordingly.
At the heart of any event is its plan, without meticulous planning an event can become chaotic and even hazardous. In this module you will learn how best to plan your banquet to ensure the entire affair goes smoothly.
The devil is in the detail, and one strive to reach perfection in every detail of their banquet, this should include glassware and china. In this module you will learn the principles of hygienically handling such essentials of the table and setting them up perfectly.
Planning a flawless event is an art that takes expert knowledge to master, in order to do so you must be aware of the tremendous amount of attention to detail that must go into planning such an event. This module will start you off on the right track and give you a run down of what you need to throw your own upscale event.
No event can be thrown by one person, in order for an event to be successful, it must be overseen by a dedicated team of professionals. In this module you will learn how to effectively communicate within your team in order to facilitate teamwork and throw a flawless event
For an event to happen successfully there must be an effective sales phase to happen before the event begins. While this is not entirely the responsibility of the events team, they must take a role in setting the expectations promises by the sales team. In this module you will learn exactly how to communicate with the sales team of your property and ensure the event begins with success.
The majority of the work within an event happens before it begins. It is important for the overall cohesiveness of the staff that everyone is aware of their roles and responsibilities for the beginning of the event. This module will teach you exactly how to delegate the responsibilities of your team and to effectively plan your event.
Creating and checking correct documentation is a good way to ensure that the entire team is aligned in their expectations and goals for the event itself. In this module you will learn how to create the perfect reports and documentation for all shareholders of the event you are holding as well your team as a whole.
On the big day itself, it is important for the entire team to understand their roles and to execute their duties with efficiency and decorum. This module will take the event planner through what their responsibilities and duties should be both during the event and afterwards.

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