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  • Learn the fundamental and practical skills backed up by the theoretical knowledge it takes to work as a bartender in a renowned bar!
  • This online bartending course has been designed specifically for those who want to achieve success in the fascinating world of beverage creation.
  • This course covers a range of regulations, a variety of equipment and certain specialized methods that will all provide you with an advanced understanding of mixology.
  • Launch your alcohol infused career in the correct way and earn yourself an advantage on the job market through this unique certified education.

This tailored online course provides the perfect start into one of the hospitality industries’ most creative, diverse, and innovative sectors. Rise up to become an artisan of mixology, produce your own stunning creations and obtain recognition through your newly learned spectacular skills.

Our promise to you: Completing this course will guarantee you a placement! This exceptional offer is ensured through our extensive experience and network in the hospitality recruitment industry.

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What do you learn in this course

Drinks are an important part of a guests hotel experience, in this course you will learn exactly why and what guests generally drink at various occasions. You will also learn how your role as a bartender shapes the overall dining experience of guests
Hygiene is an important, vital factor of maintaining a safe, healthy, fun guest experience. In this module you will learn exactly how to maintain your bar based on global safety and hygiene standards to ensure you are able to maintain the utmost standards in whicher bar you find yourself in.
There is a plethora of tools and equipment available to the modern bartender, it is easy for beginners to be intimidated by the variety. In this module you will learn how best to use the specific tools available to you as well as which beverages fit into the various glassware you have at your disposal.
As most guests drink with their eyes first, the garnish of your drinks can be considered almost as important as the drinks themselves. In this course you will learn how to make the perfect garnish, from the elaborate ice nest to the exotic fruit displays- you will never make a drab drink again!
At its peak level of service, the bar can be a hectic place, that is why it is important that a bartender sets up their station to the highest standard possible. In this module you will learn exactly how a bartender should organize themself and their station in order to avoid the rush hour scramble.
An often overlooked skill, handling trays correctly could mean the difference between an elaborate drink display and a champagne soaked carpet! In this short course you will learn the meticulous details of handling trays and dockets.
Being a bartender is more about making good drinks, you also have to provide an unparalleled service to create a memorable guest experience. In this module you will learn how a bartender should be thinking about their quality and degree of service when interacting with guests.
In the noisy, crowded environment of a bar, it can be difficult to decipher exactly what a guest may order. That is why it is important for you as a bartender to understand the finer points of communication in order to keep misunderstandings to a minimum- in this module you will learn just how important communication is and how to master it.
A good employee doesn’t just work hard, they also work smart! In this module you will learn some of the industry secrets that will help you as a bartender make the most of your time and truly excel in your position without working yourself dry
For those of you who want to take your bartending career far and wide, it is important for you to learn how to take and maintain stock. In this module you will learn how to analyse your fridge and stock, order exactly what you need and ensure that the guest is never left wanting.
The inclusion of ice is often what makes a cocktail, despite of this it is often an overlooked aspect of mixology. In this module you will learn how ice interacts with your drink and how exactly you can carve and use it to suit your needs.
In order to fill the needs of all guests, you need to make sure to master the art of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks as well as the ingredients that make up the drink itself. In this module you will learn about these components of the cocktail.
Bitters has grown in its uses and popularity over its long history, once a medicinal cure for sickness, it is now a popular ingredient for many great cocktails. In this module you will learn the history and uses of bitters within your cocktails as well as the ever popular drink of beer as a pairing and solo drink.
Throughout the ages, wine has been considered one of the most popular and elegant drinks available. As such, there is a great deal of specific, in depth knowledge of the beverage that has been passed down for generations. While it would take years to learn all of this knowledge, this module attempts to compress the history, usage and pearings of both wine and sparkling wine in your bar.
In every spirit there exists a certain amount of complexity, whether it be how it was distilled, how long it has been ages or to what degree it can be used as a digestive aid. In this course you will learn the applications of various spirits, their distillation process and some important tips when using them
Garnishes are an important part of any drink, they invite the guest to experience the drink and overall they shape the entire experience itself. In this course you will learn the role of the garnish and how best to shape one yourself.
Gin is one of oldest and most versatile spirits available, as such there are numerous flavors and combinations that can be unlocked from the bottle of gin at your bar. In this module you will explore the history of gin and its applications in mixology
Whiskey, on its own, can be an enticing and luxurious drink just as much as it can be inside of a cocktail. In this module you will learn to distinguish between the various whiskeys, how to mix it into a cocktail and how to recommend the various types and vintages.
The unique and exotic flavour of tequila can be played with and mixed into a variety of exciting cocktails. In this module you will learn how you can delicately mix tequila to make the perfect drink!
Vodka is one of the most versatile and well liked spirits in the modern bar. As such , this module will teach you how to use vodka to your advantage both as an ingredient and solo.
Full bodied, exotic and full of flavour. Rum is a much loved spirit and an essential mainstay for any bar shelf. In this module you will learn the various cocktails that can bed made from both dark and white rum as well as the different properties of both.
Brandy, as it stands, is not a drink that many tend to drink solo, however in a cocktail it is one of the most popular ingredients one could sample. In this module you will learn all of the practical applications of brandy so it becomes a useful part of your cocktail arsenal.
Making non-alcoholic cocktails is an essential skill set for bartenders wishing to diversify their portfolio and adapt to any bar environment (e.g. within a child friendly hotel or alcohol free country) In this module you will learn how to make the most popular non alcoholic cocktails.
Bonus cocktails can be an exciting and fun way to diversify the palette of your bar. This course will take you through the makeup of softer cocktails and teach you the techniques of making the more popular variants.
For guests wanting a more flamboyant spin on the bar experience, this module will teach you exactly how to make the most show stopping cocktails as well as the story behind them and their applications in the modern bar setting

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Our Bartending Online Certification is designed for candidates wishing to pursue a bartending career in a hotel or restaurant . Due to the fluid nature of the course, it is not required for you to have any prior experience or education in this field!
Bartending is a job that not only requires the technical know-how, but you also need to be passionate about the job. To be a truly great bartender, you must also be familiar with the theory and knowledge of mixology which is why this course is so valuable! So what kind of jobs are available to you after completing this course? Here are some examples:



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