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Most frequent questions and answers

Our programs are designed to be as affordable as possible for anyone who is wishing to get the most out of their hospitality career, that is why we have a wide price range to choose from. Check our courses page to find more information regarding the individual program costs.

Our Course material comes from some of the leading minds and businesses at the centre of the hospitality industry, from the masters of luxury standards: Forbes Travel guide to the legendary chef creator: Culinary Institute of America. You will also be able to reach out to Hospitality Academy via our dedicated team should you have any additional questions!

All of our programs have their basis in the standard training curriculum that takes place in most modern luxury hospitality establishments. Any candidate already possessing such training will be a huge asset to their  company as it saves the need for further onsite training at the company’s expense. You will be able to see the individual utilities of each course on the courses page 

While the ideal method of studying is to do so via a personal computer or laptop, we understand that this is not always possible! All of our courses are optimised to be usable via smartphones and tablets. In addition to this, while you will need a wifi connection to access your course, all of the learning materials are fully downloadable- so you just need an internet connection for a few minutes to download your course, then you are ready to study on the go!

Our courses are designed for hospitality professionals on the go, meaning that we will factor in your busy schedule (whatever that may be) when assigning tasks for you. Furthermore, as the course can be accessed from whichever platform that you see fit, you do not need to be in the office in order to take your course. 

Lastly, a member of our team will be assigned to you to assist in your student journey, so if you are feeling like the workload is getting out of hand, our team will be right there to help you!

All of the courses for PI Global Academy are designed to give you both a meaningful qualification and a genuine boost to your work skills and philosophy. After taking this education, you will likely have a much higher ability and understanding of your role than before, so don’t be afraid to ask your employer for help with the fee! 

The Training can be adapted to any business type within the hospitality industry and even those who have multiple years of experience in their role can thrive after refreshing their knowledge and learning some new techniques. Ultimately it will be your employer who will be able to reap these benefits, so why not ask them for the extra support?


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Hospitality Academy has partnerships with internationally-recognized Schools and Companies to deliver the most affordable Educational Courses and Placement Services for those looking to continue growing anywhere in the world. 

More than a school,  Hospitality Academy is your Passport to the World of Professional Hospitality Success!