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Author: Chris Robinson                 |          Editor: Jarya Kotyleng


Hospitality students and graduates, as well as those who have had studies in related fields, may find it difficult to decide on what to do right after graduation. After all, there are a lot of possible career directions to consider. If you want to know what area of the hospitality industry is best suitable for you, an internship in the United States might just be the key to clarity.


Hospitality Internships in the USA for International Students

If you have the relevant educational background and are older than 18 years old, you are eligible for acceptance into a hotel internship training program. Of course, as the training will take place in the United States, a good level of English proficiency is a prerequisite.

Do you fit into this description? Well, then you are in for the experience of a lifetime, one that will benefit you greatly both in your professional and personal life. First of all, you will be able to work in one or more departments of the hotel. 

You will gain valuable experiences in your particular area, which will help you grasp how it functions in the real world. Furthermore, you will become familiar with the most advanced practices and technology in the most prestigious U.S. hotels. 

If you are not quite sure yet about what you want to do with your career, this experience will point you in the right direction. You will be able to discover which areas you enjoy working in most and expand your network of contacts in your profession. 

At the same time, you have nothing to lose because you will be paid a stipend throughout the program. You can use this money to help pay for your stay, your studies, or even travel around the country. All this exposure will boost your CV and expose you to various cultures.

With all of these benefits, you should consider a U.S. internship program. Not only will it be good for building your resume, but it will also contribute substantially to your personal development. 

Did you know that all programs at Hospitality Academy feature paid internships at luxury hotels and restaurants?  We not only ensure that you work throughout your studies, but we also help you to obtain your US Visa and extend your stay after finishing your studies!

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