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USA - The Ultimate Destination

J1 visa

The USA has been one of the most enticing destinations for people to travel to for several years now. Countless visitors strive to further educate themselves or gain professional experience within one of the most promising countries of the world. Particularly due to the appeal of the well-known Exchange Visitor Program (EVP) which offers several types of visas like the J1 Visa Intern & Trainee Program, OPT, DS-2019 and more.

The EVP is therefore one of the most important factors for the USA to participate in cultural exchanges and one of the most sought-after opportunities for many people seeking to develop themselves in various ways.
Especially the J1 Visa Intern & Trainee Program has allowed countless internationals to visit the USA to gain cultural insights, obtain professional experience, improve their English language skills and build up self-confidence as an independent individual all within one of the most prominent nations of the world.

Nonetheless, the USA and Americans themselves have also profited from hosting exchange participants of various nationalities, as the cultural exchange increases mutual understanding and provides access to global educational opportunities. So, with all these benefits being laid out in a clear win-win fashion for both EVP participants and the USA, what could have possibly happened over the last few months that changed everything?

Dark Times - Hardships for Visa holders in the USA

Well, you most probably know exactly what happened as you lived through it yourself. No matter where you live in the world, you have been affected by Covid-19 (or however you refer to it – Corona Virus, The Pandemic, Big Rona, that ridiculous virus, etc.) in one way or another. The dramatic impacts of this pandemic have shaken the world economy, drastically changed our everyday lives, had implications on cultural disparities and brought major restrictions on international travel.

Notably, the travel & tourism as well as the hospitality industry have been impacted by this virus in unprecedented fashion, like no event has ever managed to do so before. Record low numbers of tourist arrivals and empty hotel rooms have caused millions to lose their jobs and have shaped 2020 to be a year that will not be forgotten by any hospitalian. Hence, it was no surprise to see that visa holders in the USA were faced with extraordinary difficulties and had to deal with bureaucratic nightmares all whilst hearing a certain political figure (Mr President…) downplay the very cause for all these issues.

The EVP came to an abrupt halt during June and many J1 visa holders with Intern or Trainee programs were denied entry (and re-entry) to the country or had to leave the USA if they could not afford to pay the program extension fee or failed to adhere to adjustment measures. Unsurprisingly, this resulted in uncountable complications for many international participants, caused public outlash, costed participants a small fortune (considering other factors like job loss and travel costs as well) and ended in bureaucratic chaos and many more uncertainties.

2020 - a strange and unconventional year to behold

Indeed, 2020 has been a roller-coaster of a year and not necessarily an entertaining one, but rather a horrifying one that would scare even Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees back into the eighties. Each month brought new shocking news that anchor-men and anchor-women have presented as if we were living a thrilling scene from an apocalypse movie.

Impressively, we got to experience a live count of new Corona cases on an hourly basis and received updates regarding deaths and mortality rates in a more advanced manner than with any illness or occurrence ever before. This has been prime time for conspiracy theorists as well and has divided countries and people greater than ever.

Needless to say, an immense distrust in foreign governments has developed, but people simultaneously started to distrust their own governments and began to see the flaws in our current society. People are getting less eager to explore the world and much rather watch the newest show on the streaming channel of their choice to remain in an oblivious and blissful state of mind.

So how can people ever possibly gain trust in international travel and exchange programs again? What is needed to ensure safe and meaningful opportunities for internationals to get out of their comfort zone and explore the world once more?

Desperate Times call for desperate measures: US EVP Rebranding


The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) has realized the need to regain people’s trust and has announced a complete brand overhaul for the Exchange Visitor Program (EVP) that aims to progressively adapt to contemporary times.

The new brand identity contains a completely reimagined logo, a catchy tagline and mission-driven language to engage with the needs of modern generations. This highly symbolic change surely comes at a peculiar time in which we are desperate for hope and are anxious to get back to a certain sense of normality.

To see the changes in all their glory for yourself, here is a link to the official website.

But are these image changes and fancy taglines really enough to improve our dire situation?

BridgeUSA: A New Hope

George Lucas is not the only mastermind that induces a surge of hope within the public. The ECA might not direct a masterpiece of a movie, but their aim is the same: inspire people by creating hope for the future. And what could possibly be more inspiring than visual stimuli, motivational quotes, or great promises of future achievements?

The EVP rebranding highlights the significance of the new logo design. It meticulously explains every detail of the layout and visualizes the essence of BridgeUSA. Rolling arches which illustrate a bridge and symbolize the experience of the participant, a star that represents the star participant him/herself and the new name of course, that literally emphasizes the aspiration to connect cultures and build bridges to and from the USA.

Furthermore, the new tagline “Connecting global leaders, creating lasting impact” promises individuals to make international connections and that this cross-cultural exchange program will create a significant impact on their communities and around the world. The new video also highlights the mission-driven goal of this re-branding by presenting profound declarations such as:

“We are transforming exchange programs by building enduring bridges of friendship between people and nations for a peaceful world.”

“We bring next generation of global leaders together to create positive change.”

“We are a bridge to finding yourself and becoming the leader you always have been. “

You can watch the trailer with this link:

Clearly, the new BridgeUSA brand identity has been well-thought through and tries to maximize on the currently grim situation of people grasping for hope and a return to normality, in which opportunities were waiting and possibilities seemed endless. Objectively, this new image of the EVP does sounds beautiful and exciting as it is articulated and presented in a phenomenal fashion that truly hits you right in the feelings, especially the feeling of hope.

New Brand – New Hope – New Opportunities

The Ritz carlton logo

The Ritz-Carlton

“Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen.”


Largest provider of hospitality services worldwide. 

Four Seasons

Experience the pinnacle of luxury.

Mandarin Oriental

Record setters for quality management and legendary service hospitality.

BridgeUSA definitely inspires hope through their re-branding and it comes at the perfect time. People are eager to resume their lives to the fullest and year to experience the outside again. So, what should people expect now when they want to visit, work or study in the USA?

To make it simple: the requirements and regulations remain the same as before the re-branding. This whole re-branding strategy is simply a change of name, concept, logo, and mission-driven language with the purpose of creating a superior distinctiveness in people’s minds.

The J1 Visa Intern & Trainee Program for example, is comprised of the same eligibility criteria and encompasses the same privileges as before. Evidently, this is terrific news for anyone that aspires to advance their career internationally in a recognized environment and wants to experience the American lifestyle!

FYI – BridgeUSA includes the following exchange programs: Research Scholar, Short-Term Scholar, Professor, Intern, Trainee, College and University Student, Secondary School Student, Teacher, Specialist, Alien Physician, Camp Counselor, Au Pair and Summer Work Travel.

Check out this overview of J1 Visa Intern & Trainee Program criteria and requirements.

If you want to reassure yourself, here is a link to the official website containing detailed information.

Additionally, here is an official link with all J1 Visa Intern & Trainee Program requirements in its formal and over-complicated glory.

Placement International – The ultimate facilitator for J1 visas

Placement International Logo

Taking all these revelations into consideration, you must be eager to start your international adventure filled with hopes and dreams. Well we got great news for you as we offer you the easiest and most convenient method of reaching that goal!

Placement International provides personalized career assistance and has +10 years of experience in helping students to acquire J1 visas (or other adequate visas), Intern & Trainee programs and much more. We will help you along your journey from start to finish and will be acting as your professional coach in regard to all your important career choices.

Our service:

• You will not have to deal with pesky administrative responsibilities that drive people crazy.

• No need to worry about finding and getting the adequate visa that you need as we will support you in exactly that.

• You do not need to worry about the declining job market as we provide an extensive network that offers numerous opportunities around the globe in the finest and most luxurious properties within the hospitality industry.

• Your CV and application letter will be better than ever through our support and guidance.

• You will be confident in your job interviews as we coach you to perform to your best capabilities and train you through mock interviews.

• You will receive assistance in finding accommodation.

• You will be part of a connected and open-minded community, meaning that you create your independent journey the way you want, alone or with others.

Excited yet? Here you can find a link to our official website where you an find more information on how we can help you achieve your dream of working across the globe.

Conclusively, if you are all about discovering new places and working with all kinds of different people from all around our globe, then Placement International is exactly your place to be. Gain international working experience and start your career journey with the simple click of a button.

Hospitality Academy – Your Passport to the World of Hospitality

Hospitality Academy

You read all this and might think to yourself that you are not eligible for these opportunities because you are no longer a student, or you have not enough experience in the hospitality industry. Well we got brilliant news for you:

Hospitality Academy provides a plethora of online education that grants you the possibility to improve your knowledge on the hospitality industry whilst obtaining recognized accreditation for your work. Boost your CV in a meaningful fashion and develop yourself to becoming a future leader of the hospitality industry.

The cherry on top of this Sunday ice cream is that Hospitality Academy does not only offer online courses, but also fully-fledged bachelor’s and master’s programs in three different campuses in three different countries. Campuses are located in Spain, USA, and in South Africa where you can enjoy a superior education and an outgoing student life that will shape you into the person that you want to become, a professional industry leader.

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