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The World's Best Cruise Lines As Role Models For The Hotel Industry

Not every hotel can count on cruise ship basics to boost their customers’ experiences. However, there’s definitely something to improve on in every hotel — what can you do better? Perhaps studying a cruise ship can help you.

It’s true — a cruise ship is a lot different from a hotel. The former takes passengers from port to port, feeds and entertains them along the way. Alternatively, hotels provide a place to sleep, and sometimes not anything more than that.

With that in mind, hotels have a lot to learn by knowing how the best cruise lines work. Customers come back for cruises again and again, and any hotel chain will use that kind of loyalty. So, how are you going to get it? Here are five things that the hospitality industry can learn from the best cruise lines:

1. Build A Connection With Clients

To start with, the cruise ships do an impeccable job of communicating with their customers. People remain on board for a few days or weeks at a time. Over time, they get to meet the people who work around them — from housekeepers and bartenders and waiters to company owners. Bonding with the crew of the cruise ship makes a holiday feel even more special. This link keeps a lot of cruisers coming back year after year.

Not every hotel has a full range of activities that allow workers to engage with their clients. Nevertheless, hotel workers should stand up and communicate directly with the visitors. Indeed, engaging with visitors is a tried – and – tested approach to enhance their overall experience. For certain instances, you just have a check-in phase to give your impact. So, make the most of it by being as polite and supportive as you can.

After that, have a friendly face. Smile and wave as people come back to the lobby and wonder if you can help them. When asked, make suggestions for activities and restaurants. Such discussions could leave a big impact.

2. Facilitate Experiences And Activities

Cruise ships have the mission of pairing passengers with the perfect activities to entertain them on their trips. When on board, it’s easy for visitors to figure out what’s going on and what they’re going to do. They should try out in-room TVs or booklets and sign up to join. And, with those simple steps, they’ve guaranteed an unforgettable experience.

Hotels should schedule the same list of recommended to-does. Not all places would, of course, draw lodgers who wish to be visitors. Yet scheduling only in case of a list of nearby food shops and events can please consumers.

3. Make It Luxurious

This tip is taken, in fact, from small cruise ships, where passengers appear to be covered in lavish surroundings and extras. Guests on these ships deserve the best, and they get it — comfortable beds, luxurious sheets, five-star dining, and access to some amazing ports.

Even a small or discount hotel will seek to follow these expectations. To begin with, make the sleeping space as comfortable as possible. Choose towels that look fluffy and remain that way to wash and store premium toiletries in the bathrooms. And make suggestions as to what clients can do while they’re with you. Get acquainted with the amenities consumers desire, such as mobile connectivity and local experiences. Then, make them happen to you.

Not every accommodation needs to be a five-star hotel. Yet you should take action to ensure your consumers feel as if they’re being served properly and get what they’re paying for.

4. Bundle Things Up

Passengers on the cruise ship don’t always reserve a place on board. We always look for deals that make the most economical sense for our holidays. As such, they’re buying plans that include their room, as well as the food they’re going to eat and the drinks they’re going to drink. Besides, cruises include port visits and on-board entertainment, all of which comes at a premium. And if the package costs a fortune, it sounds like a steal because it contains a lot of perks.

Hotels will seek to maintain a similar vibe. Again, not all accommodation will have bonuses to add in the bill, so you can try to build deals that make a stay sound like a bargain. Extras such as free Wi-Fi, late check-out or continental breakfast will sweeten the deal. You can further encourage clients by offering such bonuses through the Customer Loyalty Program — with a set number of stays, they ‘re starting to receive these awards that make each stay much more valuable.

5. Stay One Step Ahead

What do your visitors need or desire when they live with you? The best cruise lines have more than enough extras on board for passengers who need something. You will also have to prepare accordingly for the visits of your visitors.

So, place a few spare towels in the bathroom, as well as firmer or softer pillows to make them more comfortable. You may want to set out a list of TV stations so they can see what they want. Or, if a room starts to get too warm to sleep in the morning, have a free sleeping mask so that visitors can always catch Z’s.

Some hotels are already doing this, especially for repeat customers. They store the mini-fridge with their snacks or set the thermostat to the preferred temperature of the person. Some of this planning involves collecting customer data — how often do they visit, how many towels do they usually need, and what’s their favorite breakfast? Storing and flaunting these data the next time the individual checks in would leave a big impact.

Of course, there are many more things hotels can learn from the best cruise lines and we should also take into consideration the crisis that is happening around the world. Safety and security should always be the number 1 priority.

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