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 Advanced Diploma  in Culinary Arts + Internship

Our Advanced Diploma in Culinary Arts will give you the opportunity to obtain a culinary degree while working alongside your studies. Upon completion of your studies you will have obtained all the necessary skills to kickstart your career in the hospitality industry and will even have lived abroad during six months experiencing the Spanish culture. We aim to provide our students with a broad understanding of the daily operations and how they fit together as a whole to master today’s fast-paced industry.

As a student of the Advanced Diploma in Culinary Arts, you will be able to obtain a diploma while working at the same time. 

Culinary Diploma

Advanced Diploma in Culinary Arts OVERVIEW 


Our Advanced Diploma in Culinary Arts will provide you will all the know-how you need to advance in your career as a chef. This six month diploma consists of different modules that will teach you about the different cuisines as well as food preparation methods all around the world. At the same time well you will be able to complete an internship where you will be able to apply your theory-based knowledge in a practical manner.

Upon successful completion of this diploma, you will not only have obtained an advanced culinary diploma and working experience abroad, but will also have experienced Spanish culture at its finest.


● Completed High School education
● English level must be proficient enough for higher education studies. Official English language exam scores are required for all non-native speakers – or those who haven’t spent the last two years in full-time English education.

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Through over 20 years in the hospitality recruitment industry, our staff have in depth knowledge of the best ways of getting a job in hospitality. After your online course we will make sure to provide you with expert support with your job search, such as CV coaching, practice interviews, assistance with visa and much more!


Through the Barcelona Hospitality Academy, you will be able to get an accredited degree to the level that you wish, whether it is a bachelors or masters degree. This certification is recognised by the Spanish government and will open doors all across the world.

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European Education System

Profit from one of the best education systems in the world. With Barcelona Hospitality Academy, you will acquire the set of skills that it needs to be successful in your future career.

Flexible Learning Options

With our programs, you are able to study and work at the same time. Create your own study schedule according to your learning pace and adapt it to your work schedule. This course is designed to facilitate you with the flexibility you need to reach your career goals. We got you!

Extend your stay in Spain

Turn your educational experience into an enriching career within Spain by choosing Barcelona Hospitality Academy. After completing one of our programs you have the opportunity to further work and pursue a career within Spain. 

Great Community

Once admitted into Barcelona Hospitality Academy, you will gain access to one of the largest networks of hospitality students and professionals. You will also have a permanent, exclusive invitation to any and all recruitment events that the school will hold.

Amazing Location in Spain

Discover our centrally located campus in the middle of Spain’s most trendy destination. Visited by a large number of people from all around the world each year, including many celebrities, Barcelona is THE PLACE TO BE. 


General objectives: Introduce the student to the different areas of the kitchen, as well as the knowledge of the tools, materials and furniture. Initiate the student in the techniques of the kitchen department. Organize, coordinate and control the work team and manage your department internally. Specific objectives: Organize work processes to optimize the management and administration of the establishment. Know the characteristics of the products involved in preparing the dishes. Know the function and maintenance of kitchen utensils and machinery, as well as the rules for their correct installation. Master the basic techniques on handling, preparation and presentation of food. Know the regulations on hygiene and safety required in the kitchen.

Analyze culinary elaborations describing their execution processes. Carry out, fine-tune and preserve culinary elaborations that are generally complex and representative for their typical gastronomic values: territorial, or temporary. 

Know the history, evolution, main forms of production and varieties, as well as taste them, taste them and serve them correctly. Know what to expect from a wine, and when it is not in the most suitable conditions. Understand the phases that make up the wine tasting, and know what senses and organs are involved in it. Apply the sensations experienced to find defects or virtues of the wine. Know the current and classic trends in pairings, and develop culinary offers together with the wines they are paired with. Understand the types of pairings that can be proposed, and develop your own offer.

Develop the internal supply process of equipment, genres and other materials necessary for the realization and service of culinary elaborations in view of the client. Use equipment and tools that make up the basic endowment for the preparation of gastronomic elaborations in view of the client in accordance with their applications and based on optimal performance Identify food raw materials commonly used in culinary preparation in view of the client, describing varieties and qualities and identifying culinary factors or parameters that must be combined in the preservation and preparation processes. Analyze and develop the process of preparation and finishing of culinary elaborations made in view of the diner or those that only need carving or distribution in the room.

Make workers aware of the objectives and benefits of the implementation of a quality system in the hospitality company. Publicize the principles of the iso 9001 standard as well as the different phases of the implementation of the quality system. Explain the differences in quality systems in different areas of economic activity. Provide workers with information on audit methods and tools to measure quality. Analyze the criteria to implement a total quality program in a company whose main activity is the hospitality industry. Offer the worker a practical vision of quality in the hospitality industry.

With the entry into force of Regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011, on food information provided to consumers, food establishments must adapt to the new regulations. One of the new requirements incorporated is the novelty that restaurant menus indicate the allergen content of all their dishes, as well as of other establishments that sell food in bulk (bakeries, supermarkets, …). The objective of the course is to inform the assistant about allergies and food intolerances, what they are and what differentiates them, which are the most common and important that affect today’s society and how to adapt our business to avoid cross-contamination between allergenic and non-allergenic foods by performing a risk prevention study.

Analyze and apply the standards and hygienic-sanitary conditions related to the food and beverage production or service units to avoid risks of food poisoning and environmental contamination.

Know the general concepts of the protocol. Relate the protocol with the hospitality industry. Learn the importance of the different elements that influence an event, as well as the means for effective corporate image management.


Our work placements are provided by Placement International, a cultural exchange company specialized in the hospitality industry.
Their partners offer paid internship positions for educated and highly motivated students and young professionals completing their Bachelor’s in Hotel Management. These management training programs offer students the opportunity to take on first time jobs in the most luxurious hotels and restaurants in the United States and other countries around the world.


The world’s most renowned luxury hotel groups recognise Barcelona Hospitality Academy’s Bachelor’s in Hotel Management degree and other educational training programs.

We have partnerships with over 100 properties in Spain!



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