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 Associate  Certificate in Hospitality Management

Our Associate Certificate in Hospitality Management provides you with the unique chance to acquire recognized credits on a similar level to a bachelor’s degree that enables you to further study a MBA program. The program teaches you all the ins and outs of the hospitality and tourism industry and grants you with the required capabilities and skills to demonstrate a broad understanding of this highly competitive and constantly innovating industry.
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Associate Certificate in Hospitality Management  OVERVIEW 


This Associate Certificate in Hospitality Management provides a tailored life changing opportunity that allows graduates of any school system to attain valuable theoretical and industry knowledge besides obtaining officially recognized credits.

These open the pathway to both the American MBA in Hospitality and the Innovation major in Hospitality/Culinary Management in our Miami Hospitality Academy, or other higher education facilities.

South African / African passport holders unfortunately experience challenging times to build up a career with an international brand or in a different country. This is mainly due to certain criteria such as qualification, experience, and visa requirements not being fulfilled.

Consequently, we devised this unique certification to allow our students to further educate themselves and obtain the necessary competencies and accreditation that quite literally opens up the world to them.


● Completed any relevant Final High school year or A level qualification.
● A good general education, including GCSE Mathematics and English (This may also include achievement of Functional Skills in Mathematics and English).
● Successful interview with Corporate Director of Hospitality Academy.
● Entry written Exam.
● A proficient level of English Language proven by a qualification such as Cambridge First Certificate Grade B or TOEFL 550 points or IELTS 5.5 (this will also be subject to the requirements of the Approved Centre.)

Hospitality Academy

Africa Hospitality Academy proudly offers a unique learning experience to ensure students achieve extraordinary career results through developing personally, socially, and professionally, well beyond traditional education systems or other hotel schools.
Our lecturers and mentors are passionate, caring and respect the art of teaching. They are true Artisans of Education.
Experience it for yourself and start your professional career with Africa Hospitality Academy now!

WHY Africa Hospitality Academy ? 

Africa Hospitality Academy provides you with an accredited degree from the UK and South Africa that is equivalent to a bachelor’s degree. This degree is internationally recognized and will grant you opportunities all around the world.
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Pathway to do your MBA

Upon successful completion of your bachelor’s at Africa Hospitality Academy, you will have the possibility to enrol into MBA programs which is a prerequisite that 95% of leaders in our industry completed, and, by doing so, achieved success!

Flexible Learning Option

With our programs, you are able to study and work at the same time. Create your own study schedule according to your learning pace and adapt it to your work schedule. This course is designed to facilitate you with the flexibility you need to reach your career goals. We got you!

Work in USA or Europe

Powered by Placement International, we are proud to provide professional career coaching, help with optimizing your CV, prepare you for your interviews and guarantee internships in luxurious properties besides assisting you in acquiring adequate visas to live out your potential in this global industry!

Great Community/ Alumni

Once admitted into Africa Hospitality Academy, you will gain access to one of the largest Networks of Hospitality Students and Professionals. You will also have a permanent, exclusive invitation to any and all recruitment events that Hospitality Academy will hold.

Boarding life

Africa Hospitality Academy invites you to experience student life in our beautiful newly built campus which boasts exceptional learning facilities, cosy living spaces and prosperous surroundings to accommodate all the needs and wants of our students.

Affordable Education

At the Africa Hospitality Academy, our priority is you. This is why we want to offer you good quality education at an affordable price. We believe everyone deserves a chance to pursue their passion. Hence, we provide financial advice, helping you to correctly plan this exciting investment in yourself.

Your Professional Future

90% of our students got their jobs in the first months after graduating.


Our work placements are provided by Placement International, a cultural exchange company specialized in the hospitality industry.
Their partners offer positions for highly educated students completing their Associate Certificate in Hospitality Management and young professionals to do paid internships, management training programs and first time jobs in the most luxurious hotels and restaurants in the United States and other countries around the world


Africa Hospitality Academy is not simply a school, it is a contributor to your professional success and an enabler to fulfil your passion through a unique and fun learning experience. We will provide guidance to your career and help you plough the path to whichever employment you seek within the hospitality industry.

We have partnered with numerous hotels across the world to offer our students a seamless experience in searching for jobs or further studies and grant them the opportunities they deserve. Here are just a few examples:




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Hospitality Academy has partnerships with the most recognized schools and institutions to deliver the most affordable educational and professional service for those looking to continue growing anywhere in the world. 

More than a school,  It is your passport to the world of professional hospitality success!